Q: What is Camp Simpresca’s COVID-19 Policy?
A: COVID-19 Policy

Q: Where is Camp Simpresca?
A: 51 Simpresca Rd, Midland, ON L9M 2C9

Q: Who can I contact, and when?
A: Check out our contact page.

Q: What time is drop off and pick up?
A: Check-in and drop-off begin at 2 pm on the start date of a given camp. Please do not arrive earlier as we will not be able to check you in before then. Pickup is no later than 12 noon on the end date of a given camp.

Q: What are the ages of campers at Simpresca?
A: 6 to 16! See What We Do for more details.

Q: How are groups divided for activities?
A: Our cabins are divided by age and gender. Throughout the day cabins rotate through our programs with another cabin of a similar age and opposite gender.

Q: What types of programs does Camp Simpresca offer?
A: Every cabin rotates through seven programs. Check out our Programs page for more info.

Q: Can I request to be in a friend or relative’s cabin?
A: Yes! There is an opportunity while registering your camper to specify who you’d like them to be in a cabin with. We do our best to accommodate these requests. However, our cabins are organized by age. If the age difference between campers is large, they may not be placed in the same cabin.

Q: How many campers are at camp in a week?
A: On average a week-long camp has 60-80 campers. Our mini-camps have 45-55 campers.

Q: What is the staff to camper ratio?
A: We always have a minimum 1:8 staff to camper ratio.

Q: What are the cabins like?
A: We have 12 rustic camper cabins, each equipped with bunk beds and camping mattresses. All cabins have screen windows, wood shutters, and electricity. Our cabin sizes range fro 8 to 12 campers. The washrooms are housed in a separate building accessible to all cabins.

Q: Where do the counsellors sleep?
A: All of our counsellors and program staff sleep in the cabins with the campers. Every cabin has a minimum of 2 staff, a cabin counselor and a program staff. The program staff help with the cabin when not running their daily program. The cabin counsellor accompanies the campers to all programs.

Q: What medical services are there at camp?
A: We have a First-Aider on-site at all times. Camp staff have training in first aid and CPR. The camp is equipped with an AED device. Transport from camp to the local hospital by ambulance would take approximately 10 minutes.

Q: How do I know my child will be safe and secure?
A: All camp staff are hired through an application and interview process and are required to supply a vulnerable sector check prior to their employment. In addition, the entire staff participates in a week-long training program prior to the arrival of campers. This training covers all aspects of camper safety and security.